Soi Sim Island

Soi Sim is a small island located to the West of Halong Bay. The island is approximately 12km from Bai Chay Tourists Wharf and 700m from Titov Island.

Soi Sim Island has the total area of 8.7 hectares with two hills at a height of 100m. The island has the special geological structure with 2/3 of its area covered by Feralit and weathering soils. According to researchers, Soi Sim Island was formed hundreds of millions years ago and gradually be surrounded by sea. For that reason, the vegetation in the island is pretty luxuriant and diverse in species. In fact, the dense and green flora is the most attractive feature enchanting tourists when visiting Soi Sim Island. Besides, travelers also be alluded by generous and refreshing space, airy atmosphere, unspoiled beaches, and white sandbanks.

Being endowed by the nature, Soi Sim Island is a great place for water sports such as kayaking and swimming. The sea waters here is so crystal and emerald that you can see shoals of small fish swimming around. Travelers also can find different types of beautiful flowers around the island. In addition, getting around the island, visitor can enjoy sweet Vietnam berries (scientific name: Rhodomyrtus tomentosa berries), which natural grow around the island. Interestingly, because this tree can be found in every corner of the island, locals decided to name the island after the tree.
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