Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave is situated on the same name island – Dau Go Island. This is the biggest and finest grotto in Halong Bay. According to scientific researches, the cave was created about 2 million years ago with a 12 meter-wide and 17 meter-high’s entrance. Undergone a long period of karst process, Dau Go Cave is stunning for its animated stalactites and stalagmites in different shapes and sizes. Similar to many other caves and islands in Halong Bay, Dau Go Cave is named after its shape – a wooden stake.

However, some people believe that the name of the cave is connected with the victory of Supreme Commander Tran Hung Dao against Mongol invasion in the 13th century. Accordingly, wooden stakes were hidden here during high tides so that the Mongol could not see it. Then, they were transferred to Bach Dang River to create a trap to destroy the enemy’s ships. Therefore, the cave is then called Dau Go Cave.
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